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  • How do we get there?
    Because GPS signal can get lost as you get closer to the barn, we rocommend providing written directions in your invitations. Hwy 35 from the south, go WEST on County Road I, straight on County line Ave, to 280th Street. Take a RIGHT. We are down a mile on the right. Driveway to barn is off of 10th Ave. Hwy 35 from the north, go WEST on 30th Ave. in East Farmington (between the bars). Follow to the T in the road. Take a LEFT on 280th. We are down about 1.5 miles on the LEFT. Again, driveway off of 10th Ave.
  • How many tables do you have & what are their sizes?
    30 - 8 f tx 30 inch banquet tables. (seat 8 people each) 18- 60 inch round tables. (seat 8 people each) (300 chairs total)
  • Do you provide linens?
    No - You are best to buy them from a previous Croix-View Bride, online or find a place to rent them. We no longer have a vendor for this.
  • What is the seating at the ceremony site?
    Bench seating for 300.
  • Is there electricity at the ceremony site for music & officiant, etc?"
    NO - But we have a bluetooth, rechargeable PA system with microphone for use at the ceremony site.
  • Do you have a kitchen available?
    No - We do have a storage area off the bar with counter space for some prep if needed. The room measure 15x10.
  • What types of refrigeration is available?
    In the bar we have 2 top load electric coolers for cans and wine, etc. The storage area has a large commercial size refrigerator, suitable for food or kegs. We also have a chest freezer for ice.
  • What is available for electric for food?
    There are 3 outlets in the main area near the buffet setup, each will handle a roaster a piece. There are 5 outlets in the storage area able to handle a roaster a piece or 2 crockpots. Because Buffet's are generally two sided, we do ask that all food be served out of Chafing Dishes instead of roasters. Though most caterers use chaffing dishes.
  • Is the Barn cooled or heated?
    No- though we have a nice cross breeze on warm days and we can shut up the barn on cooler days. We also have some fans available. You are welcome to bring in your own. You can even hire a company to come and heat or cool a facility like ours.
  • Do we have to take care of our garbage and recyling?
    You just have to bag up the wedding garbage and recycling, we have a dumpster onsite for disposal. If you have an excess of glass bottles, we do charge a $100.00 disposal fee.
  • Do you have any decor available for use?
    The barn is decorated as is. However, we do have some decor avaiable to rent. Ask for specifics.
  • We want to do our own music, do you have something we can rent?"
    YES! You can rent our large PA/Music System for the day if you don't want to hire one of our preferred DJ's. We still do require that you only play radio edits and keep the sounds at our required decibel level for our neighborhood! (don't worry it's still fun!)
  • Do we need to provide wood for the bonfire?
    NO! We provide the wood if a bonfire is desired!
  • Is there water available for flowers, etc.?"
    Yes - in the barn.
  • Do you have yard games?
    We have some bean bags. You are welcome to bring others as you see fit.
  • Do you have WIFI?
    YES! We have Wifi for all your capturing and downloading needs!
  • As a guest, can I bring in outside alcohol?"
    NO. Unless you bring it to the bar and have our bartenders serve it. If we catch you going to your car to get drinks you will be given a warning. If it continues you will be asked to leave and the couples security deposit is at stake.
  • As a guest, can I bring my pet/Dog?"
    NO. Plain and simple. While on occasion we allow the bride and groom to have their fur baby present we do not allow for other dogs. This is an insurance liability. You will be asked to keep it in the car or bring it home.
  • Is there smoking onsite?
    Yes. At the firepit ONLY. You MUST be 50 feet from the building by law. You will be asked to go to the designated area once. The couple will lose out on security deposit dollars for any cigerette butts found in the yard. Please pick up after yourself and smoke where designated.
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