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Entertainment Partners

A good music entertainer will keep the party going. We ask you pick from our list, but let us know if you have a favorite professional musician and we'll give them a shout!

Floral & Decor Partners

Beautiful Flowers can make a amazing backdrop. Both visually and can awaken your sense of smell with their fragrance! Here's some that we love!


Find a spot for your guests to stay..then hop over and book a shuttle for the evening!

Other Partners

From Shuttle Bus companies, stationary and gift partners, to anything in between for the perfect day!

Dessert Partners

OK...cupcakes...cookies...cake. So many options. You want them to be tasty, and dare we say 'moist'. Here's some talented bakers we love!

Event Planning Partners

Want to take the stress out of your day, hire a planner to give you some peace of mind. Here are some of our favorites!

Catering Partners

When they aren't talking about how gorgeous you look, or the facility. They sure will remember the food! We have an open caterer policy. But these are our favorites!

Photography Partners

You want them to be memorable. You want them to last a lifetime. If we can give you any advice, don't skimp on your photographer! You'll thank us. Here's our best of the best!

Pro Tip:
Ask when possible for references from other couples on the DJ you choose (The DJ specifically not the company) to see if they kept the dance floor hopping!

Pro Tip:
DIY is great. Maybe for centerpieces. But think about the time you'll have the day of the wedding. Do you want to add creating bouquets to that list? A good florist is so worth it! Plus they can make some beautiful sprays for our ceremony arch!

Pro Tip:
Most hotels won't do a room block until a year out from the wedding. So make sure you are calling on that day! nice would it be to have shuttle pick-up at the hotels your guests are at. So everyone can have fun without worry!

Pro Tip:
If you can put a shuttle in your budget. Do it! Then plan to do a pick up and periodic drops offs at night. Starting at 9 pm!

Pro Tip:
Make sure you are doing a tasting with the vendor you choose. You want to sample the product first! Also, for picture purposes, plan to at least have a small cake for the two of you to cut!

Pro Tip:
If you think you are going to be high stress the day of with everything going on and want to enjoy the day. Then a planner is for you. Also if you are doing a day of only rental, then we 100% suggest you have a coordinator. They will make your life so much simpler that day!

Pro Tip:
Consider upgrading to real plates and silverware. Yes, you will pay a little more through your caterer. But it's sets a more elegant tone, and it's better for the environment!

Pro Tip:
While I'm sure your aunt with the nice camera takes good pictures. We cannot stress enough the importance of finding an excellent photographer to capture your day. You are only doing this once together. So make it memorable and find someone you jive with! And if you still have room in the word...Videographer!

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