COVID & Croix-View Farm Weddings

We understand that things in our world look different now. No one could have seen this coming. Our hearts our with our couples who have been planning this amazing day for a LONG time. We want to give them their day as 'normal' as possible and be safe about it. So please note the following:

  • If you are sick STAY HOME. We know you want to celebrate with our amazing couples, but infecting other people would be sad, no matter what germs or illness we might pass.

  • We ask that you maintain social distance as much as possible from other guests, and Croix-View staff. Understanding that many people who attend a wedding have already likely been in each other's 'bubble'. 

  • If you know you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive and you have not quarantined for 2 weeks or received a negative test. We ask that you STAY HOME.

  • Masks are not required, and are at the discretion of the attendee if you want to wear one or not.

  • All buffets will be served. No more self serve.

  • All bar glasses are throw away and one time use.

  • Extra tables will be set up for help in spreading out if you so choose.

  • We will be wiping down surfaces periodically during events to the best of our ability.

  • Hand sanitizer is set out around everywhere. Wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.

  • Cover your cough with your elbow.

  • We have asked our couples to reduce guest count in the barn to 150 and under at this time. And are reviewing on a month by month basis. 

  • We are an open air venue with a lot of outdoor space to spread if the weather is right!

  • We are also asking that we limit the children in attendance to over the age of 12. And that they be watched at all times while onsite. (This excludes children in the wedding and immediate family members...nieces/nephews/children of the couple)

Attending a wedding is a PERSONAL choice and you are choosing to come and celebrate and are assuming the risk and responsibility. Now, let's party and celebrate safely!

Croix-View Farm - Mask Rules

Regarding the Wisconsin Mask Mandate from the Governors office.

  • We believe in your right to choose. So for the following reasons we are allowing guests to choose whether or not they will wear a mask. Or up to the couple who is hosting the wedding.

  • Plenty of outdoor and open air space.

  • You are eating/drinking almost the entire time.

  • Primary residences are excluded. Included those in which you conduct business.

  • WE are requiring/recommending masks when you go through the buffett line. So please do bring one for that purpose. We do have some available if needed.

As mentioned, coming to a wedding or event is a personal choice. A choice if made is made with the understanding that you have the potential to expose yourself to any sort of illness. We want this to be a wonderful memory for all. So if you are sick, please stay home. If you have been exposed in close proximity to someone who tested positive, please stay home. We look forward to seeing you soon! a good friend.

This has been a tough year to say the least. And when it comes to my couples, I get a little Momma Bear. Most of them I've been working with for a year or better. At which time we weren't event talking about COVID and/or we were sure it would be over with. Unfortunately for them it's not. And here we are in 2021, still talking about it. 

They have literally dreamt of this day their whole life. And to have to deal with something none of us can control on top of trying to be happy is very stressful. So I would ask you to please refrain from making comments to them about how you maybe feel about them having their event during this time. We are taking precautions. They have had to make changes they didn't plan on. And the bottom line is, if you are not comfortable, then I would encourage you not to come. And if you've chosen not to come, with that responsibility and choice comes the realizations we don't always have to say everything that's on our mind. Especially in this situation. 

Let's just let them have their happy. OKAY? And if you are super cool with them and their choices and just want to celebrate their love. Then we'll see you soon! - Sara