Frequently asked Questions (The FAQ’s)
As you plan your event with Croix-View Farm, we wanted to provide you with a few answers to some common questions!

  • How many tables do you have & what are their sizes?
30 – 8 ft x 30 inch Banquet Tables (seat 8 people each)
15 – 60 inch Round Tables (seat 8 people each)
  • Do you provide linens?
No – You can rent them from a variety of vendors listed on our website.
  • What is the seating in the ceremony site?
Bench Seating from reclaimed planks from the Barn.
  • Is there electricity at the ceremony site for music & officiant, etc?
No – However, we do have a Bluetooth, rechargeable PA system with microphone for use at the ceremony site.
  • Do you have a kitchen available?
No – However, we do have a Storage area off the barn with counter space for some prep if needed. The room measures 15 x 10.
  • What types of refrigeration is available?
In the bar we have 2 top load electric coolers for cans and wine, etc. The storage area has a large commercial size refrigerator. Suitable to hold a keg if needed.
  • What is available for electric for food?
There are 3 outlets in the main area near the buffet setup, each will handle a roaster a piece.  There are 5 outlets in the Storage area able to handle a roaster a piece or 2 crockpots.
  • Is the Barn cooled or heated?
NO – We have some fans for cooling in the summer and there is generally a good cross breeze. The Bridal Room is air conditioned though. We do not have heat, but you can bring in patio heaters in the cooler months if needed. There are also companies for hire that will both cool and heat a building like ours.
  • How early can we get in the barn on event weekend?
1:00 p.m. the day before the event.
  • Do we have to take care of our garbage and recycling?
                      You just have to bag up the wedding garbage and recycling, we have a dumpster onsite for disposal.
  • Do you have any décor available for use?
           The Barn is decorated as is. However, we do have some décor available to rent. Ask for specifics.
  • What other items do you have available for use? (Note: fee may apply)
Coffee pot, Large liquid dispensers (2 – 2.5 gal, 2 - 3 gal & 10 gal), Coffee Carafes, Glass jars for water/juice/candy bar, & Chocolate Fountain
  •  We want to do our own music; do you have something we can rent?
You can rent our large PA/Music System for the day for $300.00.
  • We are hiring a band; do you have the capabilities to handle this electrically?
                      Yes – We are wired for up to a 5 piece band without problem.            
  • Do you provide the wood for the bonfire?
  • Is there water available for washing, flowers, etc?
                      Yes – In the barn.
  • Do you have yard games available?
                      We have 1 set of Bean Bags and a game of Bocce. You are welcome to bring others as you see fit.
  • Do you have WiFi?
At this time, we do not have WiFi. Cellphone coverage in our area is also somewhat spotty. Especially in the building.
  • What’s the best way to get our guests there?
Because GPS signal can get lost as you get closer to the barn, we recommend providing written directions in your invitation. That way you can send them down Country Rd. I/County Line Ave which is a paved road. GPS will send them down 10th, which is the dirt road.

Let us know if you have additional questions! We are happy to answer them!